Your stove is to occupy a permanent position in your home, serving the dual function of heat source and furniture. It is therefore important that you choose a stove that fits its surroundings in terms of size and style.

Variation and personality
WIKING wood-burning stoves are developed in collaboration with well-known Danish designers and architects. Our design line includes both classic and modern stoves designed for small and large rooms. All the wood-burning stoves are available in black and some models also feature natural stone cladding, which in addition to being beautiful natural stone also has remarkable heat retention characteristics.

Furthermore, offers Miro 1, Miro 2, Luma 1, Luma 2 and Mini also the opportunity of a stylish wall-mounted stove.

Enjoy the dancing flames
At WIKING, we are continuously developing new and still better ways to unite the heat and the happy moments we know from the traditional fireplace with customers' demand for a warm piece of furniture and an efficient heat source. The large glass window in the door allows you to enjoy the dancing flames, which have fascinated mankind for many a thousand years.

Modern design and easy handling

WIKING wood-burning stoves are designed using state-of-the-art techniques to ensure a uniform quality and user-friendliness that are second to none:

  • Integrated pane flush in the form of a pre-heated air stream keeps the glass pane free of soot and ensures a clear view of the fire.
  • The supply of primary and secondary air is easily controlled by one lever.
  • The combination of a highly-insulated combustion chamber and an efficient combustion system ensures clean and efficient combustion.
  • The unique construction offers noticeable advantages. The stove heats up quickly; fuel consumption is minimised, the heat output can be adjusted to your needs, and you can have very long stoking intervals.

Quality and a 5-year extended warranty

WIKING has more than 30 years of experience with the manufacture of stoves; this is your guarantee that all WIKING products meet our high demands for quality, design and functionality. The stoves are produced in a high-tech production environment, using modern equipment such as laser cutting and robot welding. The entire process results in a high, uniform quality.

We only use materials of the highest quality throughout the entire process; we use natural stone from Finland, for instance, stainless or aluminium handles, ceramic glass from Europe’s leading glass supplier and extra durable packing.

The combustion chamber
All WIKING stoves have a highly-insulated combustion chamber of Vermiculite plates. Vermiculite is a natural material originating in Africa, which has superior insulating capacity combined with a low weight when compared to firebricks from other manufacturers. The Vermiculite plates ensure a temperature increase which is fast enough for the combustion to be clean and efficient. Clean combustion means less soot in your stove and chimney, which will safeguard the environment and reduce the risk of a fire in your chimney.

All WIKING stoves have been tested and approved by leading European institutes in order to meet the environmental demands of the future. All WIKING stoves are CE labelled in accordance with the European standard EN13240, the Norwegian standard SINTEF NS3058/3059 and the Austrian standard Art. 15a.

WIKING® Automatic™

WIKING® Automatic™ offers many advantages:

  • Better comfort
  • Easier lighting
  • Clean and efficient combustion
  • Minor impact on the environment

In a WIKING wood-burning stove, the regulation of air during lighting and re-stoking is managed automatically through the WIKING® Automatic™ device. A heat-sensitive bimetallic spring expands or contracts depending on the temperature in the wood-burning stove. When lighting the fire, the damper will be open to ensure that the flames are supplied with the correct amount of air to get the fire started. The following quick rise in temperature will automatically cause the damper to close, thus ensuring clean and efficient combustion. When the fire starts to die out, the damper opens automatically again to allow for new firewood to be added or to let the fire die out.

All WIKING models are ECODESIGN 2022 approved


EU Regulatory Requirement 2015/1185

What is ECODESIGN 2022?

ECODESIGN 2022 is a set of requirements on energy efficiency and emissions for solid-fuel local space heaters, including wood-burning stoves. These requirements apply to products with a nominal heat output of up to 50 kW which are to be imported to countries in the EU and the EEA (Norway, Lichtenstein and Iceland).

When will the requirements come into force?

The requirements will apply from 1 January 2022 with the exception of the Netherlands, where the requirements will apply from 1 January 2020. After 1 January 2024, the requirements will be amended by the EU authorities.

Who is responsible for regulatory compliance?

HWAM has full responsibility for ensuring that our products satisfy the requirements of ECODESIGN 2022.

Which countries are within the scope of the requirements?

The directive and associated regulations apply to products selling in the EU and EEA countries (Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland).

How to test a product?

The product is tested by means of a reliable, accurate and reproducible method using recognised techniques. When repeated, the method of testing must thus give the same result. To assess whether a product satisfies the requirements of ECODESIGN 2022, the measurements must always be carried out in accordance with the guidelines laid down in the regulation for the product in question.

All HWAM models are ECODESIGN 2022 approved

All WIKING models satisfy the requirements prescribed by ECODESIGN 2022.

Wood – an environment neutral source of energy

When you burn wood in your stove, the CO2 that has been accumulating naturally during the lifetime of the tree will be released. If it were left to rot in the forest, the same amount of CO2 would be released. Using wood as a heat source under optimum combustion conditions will therefore be environment neutral.

Low humidity – high heating value
The heating value of one cubic metre of air-dried wood from broad-leaved trees is equal to the heating value of 200 litres of fuel oil. But the humidity of the wood means everything for good fuel economy. Wood from a tree that has just been felled contains up to 50% more water and will only yield half the amount of heat compared to air-dried wood. The heating value of wood is highest at a water content of 18%. If lower, the wood will be too dry and burn too fast. If the wood is too humid, most of the heat will be used for drying the wood, and you will neither achieve the optimum burning temperature nor get the most out of the wood.

How to stoke environmentally correct:

  • Only use clean and dry wood. Use dry wood with a water content of maximum 18%. Do not burn garbage or printed matter.
  • Ensure adequate amount of air. Too little air means a low temperature in the fire, which in turn results in many harmful particles in the smoke. Use finely cleft kindling or firelighters. To obtain a high temperature fast, make sure the fuel has caught fire properly.
  • Add kindling little by little; never keep the fire going all night. The smoke that comes from your chimney should be almost invisible and odourless. Contact your local chimney sweep if you are in doubt whether your chimney meets all requirements.


CE labelling

The CE label means that a product has been produced and controlled in accordance with a harmonised standard or a European technical approval.

Technical harmonising is ensured through standards and technical approvals, for instance determining the characteristics of building materials on the basis of calculations or tests. There are six harmonisation areas:

  • Mechanical resistance and stability
  • Fire proofing
  • Health and environment
  • Safety
  • Noise
  • Energy

Even though a product carries the CE label, some countries may have national building regulations limiting the use of the product.

DIBt sertifikat

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Certificates / Prüfgutachten

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WIKING stoves are produced by HWAM A/S.

HWAM A/S is a Danish family-owned company and one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of wood-burning stoves. Since the 1970s their core competence has been development and production of high-quality stoves in an innovative design. The development of the cleanest and the most efficient combustion has always had high priority.

Today HWAM A/S produces about 25,000 stoves annually, of which 80% are exported to customers all over the world.

Read more about HWAM at www.hwam.com